There’s a great quote from Sir Winston Churchill that goes, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” As it is in politics, courage also matters in the telecoms industry.

With the shifting regulatory landscape, 5G on the horizon, and the dawn of new technologies drastically altering consumer habits, we as an industry need be as courageous as we’ve ever been. In this brave new world of telecoms, standing up for our customers and truly listening to their needs is critical as we chart a new path ahead, together.

The Power of being courageous:

At Mobileum, we believe in the power of courageousness. That’s why we’re honored to be regarded by customers as the most courageous company in the roaming space, according to the 2018 report by ROCCO, an independent roaming analyst firm. Other companies included in the report included Strategic Analysis, BICS, Cellusys, Comfone, Evolved Intelligence, and Syniverse, to name a few.

As our very own Stephen Ornadel, VP of Business Development at Mobileum, summed up in a recent podcast with ROCCO, “Never be scared of innovation, and never be scared to adapt and change.” Mobileum doesn’t expect to slow down soon, and if we are to keep up with consumer demand, neither should any operator.

We believe that now, more than ever, listening to customers and understanding the threats and opportunities their businesses face is essential not only to short-term successes, but to overall progress, growth and the necessary technologies that will drive the industry forward in the years ahead. And, there’s no one better than Mobileum when it comes to this, offering informed solutions backed by the latest breakthroughs in data gathering, behavioral understanding, machine learning and analytics.

We earn our stripes

Simply put: Customers see us as courageous not because we say we are, but because we’ve earned that reputation. Our solutions are guided by our deep knowledge in areas such as roaming, counter-fraud, security, and customer engagement, among others. It’s this diversity in experience that enables us to remain a brave and thoughtful business leader in the face of the constantly evolving telecoms world and ever-increasing customer expectations.

We’re proud of our deeps roots in delivering roaming solutions. We’re also proud of the fact that we were early adopters in traveler analytics. We are also at the forefront of fraud detection innovation, using real-time analytic capabilities and machine learning to help operators around the globe tackle one of the most vexing challenges in the industry, securing their networks.

Although it’s quite an honor to be named one of the most courageous companies in our industry, the true drive behind our courageous nature lies with our customers. More than any other recognition, it’s the trust that our customers put in us which we are most proud of.