The roaming market has changed enormously over the last few years.  All over the world, the pressure from consumers and from regulators has resulted in the user cost of roaming falling significantly. Roam like at home changed the market dynamic for the operator community.

At the same time, operator competition and the widespread use of call and data tariff bundles is leading to a fall in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).  Meanwhile the supporting cost of the infrastructure to support the roaming market, and indeed to continue investing in the domestic network continues to rise.

But roaming – is not an optional service for any operator. It is an essential part of being in the mobile community.  The question is, how to ensure that roaming services are delivered efficiently, delivered at the least cost, and that they also become an opportunity for new revenue.

The Mobileum business is rooted in the roaming market. As a business in roaming, we’ve got more experience than most, more operators than any, and the most comprehensive set of solutions to help fuel and improve roaming services.

The foundation of our market success is based on our ability to collect and analyse data, and then action the insights we gather.  To really succeed in this market, it is essential that you can use data to improve your understanding of the network, of the traffic on the network, and of the customers you are serving.  All three elements are key to the way you route traffic, and the services you prioritise and make available to your roaming customers.  And our Active Intelligence platform produces actionable data all three elements.

Arguably, in the past the rules of roaming were simply to provide the service and send the invoice.  It was a highly profitable premium-rate business.  That’s no longer the case.  The rules are now all about efficiency internally in how you manage the provision of roaming for the least cost, the efficiency of your dealings with partner operators and the settlement of roaming charges, and efficiency in the core services you provide to the roamers and the add-on services you offer directly or via partnerships but they are also about new roaming revenue models – which is an area Mobileum are investing in.

Our roaming solutions are built on the deep understanding of the market we get from the Active Intelligence platform. We fully understand the new rules of roaming.