The Roaming Experts

Mobileum is the market-leading expert on roaming. Since 2001 we have been providing world-class solutions to Communication Service Providers in the field of roaming and roaming analytics. Our products cover inbound and outbound roaming, traffic redirection and subscriber enablement in the areas of roaming and LTE as well as roaming customer analytics.

Our solutions currently power roaming and roaming services in over 650 operators in 150 countries worldwide.

Maximize roaming revenues by guiding outbound roaming traffic in the right direction based on technology, quality of service, partners or margins.

Product Overview

Mobileum’s Network Traffic Redirection (NTR) service is an innovative solution that enables mobile operators to proactively influence their outbound roamers’ choice of mobile networks when roaming. This allows operators to direct roamers to their preferred partners, resulting in maximized roaming revenues within operator groups.

Out of the box and with easy configuration comes the ability to redirect traffic based on subscriber profile, zone/region, device, technology or quality of service.

Deployed in over 350 networks and 18 of the top operator groups, Network Traffic Redirection is the leading steering solution in the world.

Maximize revenues on Wholesale and Retail Agreements with a comprehensive and insightful view of roaming partnership performances.

Product Overview

WSRA delivers a variety business critical metrics used in the wholesale roaming business.It also enable operators to test the impact of changing inter-operator tariffs (IOT), implementing multiple IOTs, changing discount agreements and to understand the impacts of traffic steering.

The application runs on actual roaming traffic data (TAP records). It includes accurate and detailed information about roaming partner charges, discount agreements and forecasts. It supports inbound and outbound traffic, as well as all available service types, including voice, video, SMS and data.

It can identify problem areas, spot potential areas of improvement and allows testing to comprehensively understand the impact of such activities – including the direct effects and the potential indirect effects arising from reciprocal actions by roaming partners.

Provide best-in-class domestic and roaming LTE services to subscribers while minimizing the associated costs

Product Overview

Mobileum’s LTE Enablement solution provides a smart, world-class solution to operators’ LTE problems.

The LTE Enablement solution allows operators to offer LTE usage to subscribers by providing all of the tools necessary to ensure that the operator can live up to the LTE promise both domestically and abroad.

The tools also allow for faster time-to-market for LTE offerings and mutually beneficial partnerships with established LTE operators where required.

Assure roaming revenues and meet increasing subscriber expectations with best-in-class insight on roaming networks and customers, all with a eye on quality of service

Product Overview

RoamInsight ingests roaming data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive, actionable view and analysis of roaming subscribers and visited networks.

The solution provides dashboards and reports to support thorough performance monitoring, steering experience review and root cause analysis in the case of roaming problems.

The solution also fully supports the Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) framework as well as Mobileum’s own Network Quality Score.

Supports seamless integration with Mobileum’s Active Testing solution.

Monetize silent roamers by defining, segmenting and then engaging them with the right offer, at the right time

Product Overview

Silent Roamer Analytics is a fully featured solution to the problem of silent roamers both inbound and outbound. It identifies your silent roaming subscribers, both before and after travel, and then applies multi-dimensional segmentation to enable you to define specific cohorts of subscribers.

Using advanced analytics and machine learning, Silent Roamer Analytics can identify the voice, SMS and data service needs of your roamers as well as an associated purchase propensity.

The Travel Prediction model can predict subscribers’ future travel behavior up to a month in advance.

The combination of these three elements (travel prediction, multi-dimensional segmentation & purchase propensity) enables operators to conduct highly targeted and personalized roaming services campaigns leading to significant subscriber uptake.

Increase roaming usage and revenues by identifying, segmenting and targeting roaming subscribers with the right offers at the right time.

Product Overview

iCampaign is an intelligent campaign management solution which enables you to dynamically segment and deliver highly effective, multi-channel, promotional messages to roamers.

Its multi-dimensional, micro-segmentation capabilities allows marketing departments and roaming managers to deliver interactive, targeted campaigns to roaming subscribers thereby increasing roaming adoption rates and revenue and helping to deliver on wholesale roaming commitments.

Seamless integration with Mobileum’s Silent Roamer Analytics and RoamWallet products allows a real closed loop scenario stretching from pre-travel to post-purchase.

Increase roaming revenue with the ability to define, launch fast, and effect realtime fair use and policy control over roaming bundles

Product Overview

RoamWallet is a highly advanced Data Roaming Plan Management and Anti-Bill Shock solution.

The Data Roaming Plan Management functionality enables operators to define new roaming bundles and launch them within days instead of weeks or months. Sitting above an operator’s existing charging and policy system ensures time to market for new plans is decreased rapidly.

The Anti-Bill Shock functionality enables operators to comply with regulatory requirements around preventing customer bill shock. This is facilitated through real-time usage analysis, notifications and control.

Prevent and decrease roaming fraud with a smart, analytics-driven, real-time, monitoring and control solution

Product Overview

RoamPolicy is an advanced roaming fraud prevention solution.

It allows operators to configure flexible policies which can be applied to roaming subscribers. These policy controls can be triggered on numerous actions including registration time, access time and on breach of usage thresholds.

Controls can be based on combinations of subscriber category, roaming location, time of day and destination or origin number among others.

Seamless integration with existing policy and control assets ensures minimal effort in defining and executing policy controls.

Generate revenue and savings by controlling how roamers are handled on their visited network using intelligent steering and Smart DRA technology

Product Overview

Mobileum’s Inbound Traffic Management solution is an inline, carrier-grade solution to roaming management.

The multi-technology solution is a combination of capabilities ranging from the smart capture of inbound roamers and smart Gateway Location Register (GLR) to smart Diameter Routing Agent. This combination of capabilities enables the operator to capture and retain inbound roamers even in cases where Steering of Roaming (SoR) is being attempted from the home network.

Increase roaming revenues by delivering seamless home-like experience for subscribers when they roam. Virtual Home Environment supports the same phonebook type experience for roamers when they travel fixing calls and short codes for roamers and care calls work just like home.

Product Overview

Mobileum’s Virtual Home Environment increases revenue spend by roamers and offers a seamless roaming experience to roamers by ensuring they can use their mobile devices, while travelling, exactly as if they were in their home network.

The solution enables roamers to make calls, contact customer care, listen to voicemail or utilise home network short codes in exactly the same way as if they were at home without the need for number translation or additional prefixes.