Clichés often gain currency because of the truth that lies at their centre.  This applies in business just as much as it does in everyday life.  One common business cliché – in fact it usually called a rule – is that there are only two ways to make your business more profitable: raise its revenues or cut its costs.

The simplicity of the statement, of course, hides a multiplicity of complex business decisions and pressures that impact profitability, but when we look at an operator’s roaming business, those two factors are uppermost in our minds.

We’ve constructed a series of roaming solutions that broadly fall into those two camps. We have outward facing solutions that look to help generate roaming revenues; and we also have solutions that face inwards, to help operators control their costs and deliver roaming services more efficiently.

In fact, we have actually broken down those two target areas even further – identifying two groups of operations in each of them where our solutions can deliver the necessary impact. Looked at collectively, these solutions make up what we refer to as our ‘four pillars of roaming’.  Our four pillars can be used individually or in combination to drive increased roaming revenues and cut costs.

The two pillars in the outward facing, revenue generation area are all about improving the end customer experience to therefore encourage more usage; as well as helping operators to drive new roaming revenues through specialist new services such as our multiline solution.

And when it comes to the inward-facing side of the puzzle, our solutions can help drive improvements in operational efficiency and help cut fraud, as well as target reductions in wholesale charges through techniques such as, among others, least cost routing.

By targeting and focusing our solutions across these areas we are helping hundreds of operators to improve the profitability of their roaming business.  We have been in the roaming business for close to 20 years, and it’s certainly one of our specialist subjects.

On these pages, over the coming days, we’re aiming to share some of the insights and initiatives we bring to the world of roaming – and to take a closer look at each one of the four pillars in turn.  We’ll also be at the WAS#9 roaming summit in Kuala Lumper in April, sharing those insights face to face. We’re proud of our long-standing relationship with the GSMA and also to be one of the supporters of this edition of WAS.

If you are attending, you can book a meeting with one of our team here. We promise not to talk in clichés, but we also promise that – when it comes to roaming – we can help operators deliver against that undeniable rule of business profitability.