We’ve written before about our four pillars of roaming and the solutions we have introduced to either protect and drive roaming revenues, or to help operators to cut their costs.

One of our pillars faces outwards towards the mobile phone user and is focused on improving the quality of the roaming experience in order to encourage more revenue generating usage.

All mobile customers, but especially high-spending international business travellers, have a certain level of expectation of service from their network provider.  When they leave their home network, their expectations levels do not change – but sometimes the quality of service they experience deteriorates.

These customers might curse the quality of the network they have roamed onto – but in the case of some of the big operator groups that is going to carry the same brand name anyway.

One of the issues is that, to a large extent, the customer roaming onto a network in a different country is not much more than a number.  And if that customer is experiencing very slow data speeds, waiting too long for calls to connect, or experiencing any other customer service issue, they are often left with nowhere to turn.  Who do they call?  Their network operator back home; an unknown local number?  Who – especially in the case of the big-spending travellers – is going to look after them and provide the level of customer care and service they get from their home network?

Without that service, heavy users resort to temporary solutions – they use WIFI hotspots or buy local SIMs.  And their impression of how much their home network service provider cares about them and their custom, falls significantly.

Our roaming customer experience management tools look to address those issues. To provide tools to monitor the levels of service being provided and to flag issues as they occur. Tools that can create VIP style functionality for high spenders and corporate accounts.

Our tools which are driven by data analytics and deep insight into the roaming experience, incorporate measurement models to score network quality and performance, facilitate speedy troubleshooting of roaming issues, and are proactive.

We help our operator customers better support their customers when they roam.  We enable them to monitor the roaming experience proactively, in near real-time, and respond to issues so that the travelling subscriber feels valued and supported.  And keeps on using their phone to protect and drive roaming revenues.

At WAS9 in Kuala Lumpur next month, we’ll be sharing more insights into the four pillars of our roaming solutions.  If you are attending you can book a time to meet with our team here, or otherwise simply get in touch with us here.

We believe the concept of ‘roam like at home’ should not just extend to tariffing and service bundles, it should also extend to how you are treated by your operator when you are away from home. Out of sight maybe – out of mind, never.