Manage your interconnect business in real-time

Reducing termination charges and increasing regulatory restrictions are putting pressure on margins. Operators need access to data in real-time yet are reliant on internal 3rd party systems to detect and identify errors, system problems, deliberate abuse with arbitrage, bypass and traffic refiling issues.

Risk management with analytics

Mobileum’s Interconnect Risk Manager solution provides real-time analysis of interconnect and partner transactions for forecasting, simulation, partner cost analysis, end-to-end utilization analysis and fraud and abuse detection.

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Reduce Revenue Risks from Partners

Understand margin and revenue risks in real-time with forecasting and simulation.

Automate Case Management

Reduce time to resolve each issue and reduce loss.

Validate Partner Costs with Automated Testing

Cloud testing assuring partner agreements.

End-to-End Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and an integrated machine learning engine allow for end to end forecasting.