They used to say that an army marches on its stomach.  For today’s businesses, the food that fuels their success is data.  The ability to be able to collect, analyse and action data is the bedrock of business, and more particularly of business growth.

At Mobileum that process is driven by our ‘Active Intelligence’ platform and our expertise in this area is not focussed on driving our own business, it is focussed on driving the business success and revenue growth of our operator customers.

The history of our business means we are very closely associated with the mobile roaming market – a sector where our market leadership has been established over nearly 20 years. But right from the start our own business success has been founded on the ability of our Active Intelligence platform to collect, manage, analyse, interpret and action business and network data.

Across all areas of our business, our market solutions are developed from that data-driven understanding of what the market requires. Our solutions are designed to help our operator customers use data to manage and secure their network operations and also to drive and protect their revenues.

That philosophy is as true today within our original roaming marketplace as it was when our business was first founded – though the use of machine learning, and artificial intelligence to help inform business decisions is much more advanced now than it was 20 years ago.

Today’s consumers and business travellers take roaming for granted. Meanwhile for the operator community, the rise of the ‘roam like at home’ business model – whether through regulatory pressure or commercial market forces – means that operators need to get even smarter about the way they run their roaming operations.

Just a short while ago, operator roaming revenues came from a comparatively small number of regular travellers paying premium rates to access their services.  ‘Roam like at home’ has changed that dynamic.  Today, operators need to manage and provide services to vast numbers of roaming customers at a fraction of the revenue per customer.

Using data analytics, our Active Intelligence platform is able to help operators both cut the costs of their roaming operations – finding the best wholesale partners and constantly identifying least cost traffic routes – as well as better understand the requirements of the actual roaming customers themselves.

That customer data is key because it helps operators identify what additional services might be of interest to a roaming customer – such as a specific data boost for example.  It can also help to prepare the customer’s home operator for those times when they are about to roam by highlighting travel patterns and destinations and actively promoting packages to support that trip.

This customer data can also be used to fuel partnerships – with travel insurance companies, currency services, or airline lounge access for example – opening up new revenue streams for operators from the roaming market all based on data analytics and active intelligence.

But it’s not just our roaming solutions that are built on the insights provided by our Active Intelligence platform. Our fraud and security solutions also thrive on the data fuel that the platform can generate. We’ll look at those areas in more detail in follow-up blogs.  In the meantime, for more information on how data analytics supports and drives roaming solutions, check out these pages on our website.