In the main, an underlying principle of phone networks and their operators has always been that calling party pays. But in today’s more complex world of calls, text, and data – and the existence of intermediaries, virtual operators, service bundles and system integrators – that basic principle has become a little more flexible.  It’s also become open to lot more abuse.

In the build-up to WAS#9 in Kuala Lumpur, we’ve been looking at the four pillars of our roaming solutions for operators.  All of which are designed to either stimulate increased revenue or reduce operational costs. And one way to increase revenue is to ensure that all the money you should rightly collect, finds its way into your accounts.

Tools like our virtual fraud manager, supported by Machine Learning, and our Active Intelligence analytics powered platform give us deep insight around customer, network and fraudster behaviour and patterns.

The lost sums of money involved are considerable.  Recently, Europol’s European Cyber Crime Agency put the fraudulent loss of income among telecoms operators to touch some €29bn.

Whether it is through the use of Wangiri to generate premium rate call backs, exploiting the time delay in roaming situations, bypassing legal interconnects, or enabling SIM Box fraud, the techniques are never ending, always evolving, and generally costly to the operator.

We’re able to provide real-time detection of known and new fraud events.  We can analyse data from multiple sources and spot the patterns that identify new fraud scenarios in the making, as well as block more established methods.

By integrating detection with action and testing, we can ensure maximum fraud prevention and minimise potential lost revenue.  This not only plugs the revenue gap, the automated workflow management also gives your team the tools to automatically manage fraud, automate prevention with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of effect.

Fraudsters are nothing if not resourceful, and our solutions help operators to stay on top or ahead of the latest fraudulent techniques.  At WAS#9 we’ll be showing how we ensure that calling party pays, not calling party steals.  Visit our booth for a demo or contact us here to set up a meeting.