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The new rules of roaming


The roaming market has changed enormously over the last few years.  All over the world, the pressure from consumers and from regulators has resulted in the user cost of roaming falling significantly. Roam like at home changed the market dynamic for the operator community. At the same time, operator competition and the widespread use [...]

The new rules of roaming2019-06-28T08:58:27+00:00

Data – the food that fuels business


They used to say that an army marches on its stomach.  For today’s businesses, the food that fuels their success is data.  The ability to be able to collect, analyse and action data is the bedrock of business, and more particularly of business growth. At Mobileum that process is driven by our ‘Active Intelligence’ [...]

Data – the food that fuels business2019-06-20T15:53:54+00:00

Technical Lead – PSO Cupertino


  Responsibilities Use Signaling Connection Control part (SCCP) and Message Transfer Part (MTP) protocol to freeze firewall rules to detect fraud in real-time scenario, implement Logic/Algorithm, validate real-time input feed, acceptance test (including corner/exceptional cases), audit, and launch the service. Define, test, and launch APN mechanism and QoS to UE devices using LTE core technologies between [...]

Technical Lead – PSO Cupertino2019-11-15T17:09:42+00:00

Standards, Safety-nets, and Signalling firewalls


New EU regulations governing online commerce and payments are scheduled to come into force across Europe from September this year. The new standards will require all online transactions above €30 to get additional authorisation – via a fingerprint scan or a unique code generated by a device, banking app or text message.But a report on [...]

Standards, Safety-nets, and Signalling firewalls2019-06-10T13:50:56+00:00



ON ROAMING AND NETWORK SERVICES BASED ON ANALYTICS May 29, 2019, Lexington, MA – iBASIS, the leading communications solutions provider enabling operators and digital players worldwide, announces its partnership with Mobileum, the leader in roaming and analytics solutions for telecom business transformation, to deliver value-added roaming services like Steering of Roaming, Signaling Firewalls, Border Roaming Management, [...]

iBASIS AND MOBILEUM PARTNER2019-05-29T13:04:38+00:00

Showcase demonstrates multi-vendor NFV is possible


Despite significant industry investment, Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) appears to have progressed quite slowly since the first concept paper published in 2012. At the same time, operators have been understandably a little cautious about transferring the very heart of their businesses from purpose-built tried-and-trusted telecoms systems to a software-centric architecture built on off-the-shelf IT [...]

Showcase demonstrates multi-vendor NFV is possible2019-05-24T10:49:03+00:00

Seasoned Silicon Valley Executive Joins Mobileum


Sebastiano Tevarotto joins as Chief Commercial Officer   22nd May 2019, Cupertino, California:  World-leading mobile roaming company, Mobileum Inc today announced the appointment of Sebastiano Tevarotto as its new Chief Commercial Officer.  With a 35-year track record of success within technology companies, Tevarotto brings a wealth of experience of driving and sustaining high-growth and profitability for [...]

Seasoned Silicon Valley Executive Joins Mobileum2019-05-22T11:00:00+00:00

Looking for the DNA of fraud


Last week’s Fraud & Security Group meeting in Paris saw the fraud experts in the GSMA operator and vendor community meet to share news, information and best practice.  At the event, we took part in a session looking at how the insights gained from biometrics, machine learning and analysis can be used to combat [...]

Looking for the DNA of fraud2019-05-20T13:50:05+00:00

Calling party pays


In the main, an underlying principle of phone networks and their operators has always been that calling party pays. But in today’s more complex world of calls, text, and data – and the existence of intermediaries, virtual operators, service bundles and system integrators – that basic principle has become a little more flexible.  It’s [...]

Calling party pays2019-04-09T09:18:31+00:00

Innovation in wholesale rate management to maximise profit and accommodate IoT


In a previous post [link-back to retail roaming post] we looked at how our Retail Roaming solution – one of our four pillars of roaming - helps operators turn silent roamers into active generators of top line revenues.  Another of our pillars drives the bottom line by giving operators the tools to proactively, and [...]

Innovation in wholesale rate management to maximise profit and accommodate IoT2019-04-09T09:15:47+00:00
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