The Mobileum SMS Firewall – SMS spam and A2P protection

Our SMS Firewall solution identifies possible grey routes and lost chargeable traffic by analysing message content, volumes, and message ratios, as well as sender checks for different originating networks (GTs). It then enables controlled introduction and blocking of grey routes, message content and of suspect originating sources. Ultimately this ensures operators capture the revenue that they are owed. The return on operator investment is typically delivered within a matter of months.

Protecting against SMS spam and A2P grey routes requires several levels of protection and the ability to effectively manage frequent new sources of attack and varying SMS content. Our SMS Firewall solution identifies and provides protection against: spam, A2P grey route traffic, Wangiri SMS and Viruses.

The Mobileum SMS firewall specific SMS checks include:

  • Message content
  • SMS sender checks
  • SMS specific signalling checks
  • Identifying new spam and A2P messages. New A2P or spam patterns and messages are identified and easily blocked or allowed quickly and easily as required.

The user interface of our SMS Firewall was designed with operator input to be intuitive and easy to manage. The dashboard provides a graphical summary of SMS throughout and SMS rule violations over time – as well as an active map view showing the responsible networks. Daily reports are available within the reporting tool including, for example:

  • A summary of A2P violations
  • Details of sender check rule violations
  • Details of content check rule violations

Contact us for more detail about our SMS firewall and how it can protect networks from SMS spam, block A2P grey routes, and recapture and secure operator revenues.

The SMS Firewall as part of the Mobileum Security Intelligence offer

The SMS firewall functionality is designed to work alongside and in conjunction with our Insight analytics reporting and our Signalling firewall, but each unit can be used independently as required.

The Signalling Firewall from Mobileum will block malicious signalling attacks, suspect sources of messages and inconsistent or unusually high volumes of signalling or SMS traffic. The firewall therefore provides significant base protection against SMS spam and A2P.

The Insight product from Mobileum provides a dashboard of metrics to help identify sources of A2P and spam by reporting on unusual messages and ratios of messages. The reputation of the sources of messages can be used to decide whether to block GTs or as input to other decisions.

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and provide protection against: spam, A2P grey route traffic, Wangiri SMS and Viruses.