The new rules of roaming


The roaming market has changed enormously over the last few years.  All over the world, the pressure from consumers and from regulators has resulted in the user cost of roaming falling significantly. Roam like at home changed the market dynamic for the operator community. At the same time, operator competition and the widespread use [...]

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Data – the food that fuels business


They used to say that an army marches on its stomach.  For today’s businesses, the food that fuels their success is data.  The ability to be able to collect, analyse and action data is the bedrock of business, and more particularly of business growth. At Mobileum that process is driven by our ‘Active Intelligence’ [...]

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Technical Lead – PSO Cupertino


  Responsibilities Use Signaling Connection Control part (SCCP) and Message Transfer Part (MTP) protocol to freeze firewall rules to detect fraud in real-time scenario, implement Logic/Algorithm, validate real-time input feed, acceptance test (including corner/exceptional cases), audit, and launch the service. Define, test, and launch APN mechanism and QoS to UE devices using LTE core technologies between [...]

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Standards, Safety-nets, and Signalling firewalls


New EU regulations governing online commerce and payments are scheduled to come into force across Europe from September this year. The new standards will require all online transactions above €30 to get additional authorisation – via a fingerprint scan or a unique code generated by a device, banking app or text message.But a report on [...]

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